SonicWall Perspective Comps
SonicWall is a cyber security company that offers both cloud-based and physical solutions. They not only offer online security systems but they also make hardware: firewalls, routers, switches, and more.

What I did

I was tasked with updating the UI and UX of their website. Unlike any other client I have worked with at Bluetext, SonicWall has been updating their website in sprint cycles. Their current, live site is a mix of pages we have modernized and old pages. On a weekly basis, I collaborate with the project managers to identify the needs of the new sprint’s web page. Many times it involves re-using modules from previous pages but also calls for a new module or two. Below is a selection of modules that I have developed:
SonicWall Modules

This project is still ongoing, please check out the live site to interact with the website’s modules. Below is a selection of the full pages I created.