Since 2015, Trusona has set out to solve the challenge of identity with passwordless identity authentication, a new approach to digital identity focused on who’s on the other end, not what’s being typed. Last year, Trusona turned to Bluetext to reimagine the brand presentation, reposition their identity and authentication solutions with fresh corporate messaging, and launch a redesigned website. View the live site here.

What I did


I was on this project from start to finish, I collaborated with the project managers to make wireframes based on the client’s needs.

We created around 12 wireframe templates, all of them included unique and user-friendly modules that could showcase the Trusona brand and their passwordless authentication product.

Color Comps

The brand designers on my team were tasked with creating a refreshed look and feel for the Trusona brand and I took that refreshed look and applied it to the wireframes. For this client, I worked hard to incorporate breathing room and open space. The client was happy with this as it helped to give their brand a premium feel.

Here is a selection of some more of the color screens (please click to see larger)

Web Styleguide

Part of our web projects is to create a comprehensive web style guide. Here are some excerpts from that guide where I focused on padding, button styles, menus, forms, etc.

Trusona is my latest live project and I am happy with the end result, please be sure to visit the live site.